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16 Mar Birthday Boys – Blow Out Your Candles

[embed][/embed] Crate Diggers All-Star, Calvin Valentine is back to his old tricks with a new duo. Birthday Boys is a collaborative effort with left coast battle rap legends Marv One and Illmaculate. This team released a self titled album in early February of 2016 but the visuals for...

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21 Jan Ep. 3 – Lawz Spoken

My good friends TxE released their abum Vs PRTLND ! Get it on the TxE Bandcamp page. Now on to episode 3 of Crate Diggers with my guest Lawz Spoken! Lawz Spoken is a super producer from Oregon most well known for his work with Sandpeople, OnlyOne, and battle...

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07 Jan Ep. 1 – G_Force

Welcome to episode 1 of Crate Diggers, a new podcast hosted Verbz! Crate Diggers was inspired a love for vinyl records and an obsession with podcasts. Inspired by comedy podcasts like Who Charted, Comedy Bang Bang, WTF with Marc Maron, and Making It with Riki Lindhome, we set...

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