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Ep. 9 – BLAXE x Motherwell

Stone Cold gay rights

22 Sep Ep. 9 – BLAXE x Motherwell

Hello and welcome to episode 9 of Crate Diggers!

This is the first episode brought to you on our brand new site! features every past episode with artists like¬†Lawz Spoken, Trox, G_Force, Tope, and more. You can now support Crate Diggers through our Donate¬†page and get of Crate Diggers’ engineer Steez‘ album Bless, or pick up a Space Gods tee-shirt in our shop. Thank you to MikeMoBeats, Rawn The Almagest, and Sliceberg Slim for contributing beats in the background of episode 9, please check them out!

Episode 9 features KPSU DJ Blake Hickman aka BLAXE and his DJ cohort Motherwell. Together they share some of their favorite songs and tell their stories. You can find Blake every Friday night on KPSU, Portland State University’s own radio station on his program Blake On Wax. Or catch BLAXE and Motherwell performing out in Portland. They specialize in a certain brand of 80’s and 90’s R&B, so this episode is all about groups like New Edition, The Jets, and Pleasure. We play wax, we discuss professional wrestling, and Nelly even stops by. What more could you ask for?

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