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Ep. 37 – Crate Diggers Live: Glenn Waco

She couldn't talk but she could sing

02 Oct Ep. 37 – Crate Diggers Live: Glenn Waco

Hello and welcome to episode 37 of Crate Diggers!

Crate Diggers is a music and interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Hosted by Portland DJ, Verbz and engineered by his brother, hip-hop producer, Steez.

Episode 37 is another installment of Crate Diggers Live, a live show at Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland. Episode 37 features rapper / activist, Glenn Waco. He’s been a strong voice of leadership in Portland for several years as well as a stand out artist. Check out his latest video “Assata” for a taste of his vision and infectious rhymes. This episode features a playlist of music chosen by Glenn Waco. The songs all influenced his life and music style. The second part of the show features a live performance by Glenn Waco and features from Rasheed Jamal and past Crate Diggers guest, Samarei. Sadly, there was an issue with the recording that started near the beginning of the performance. Steez attempted to salvage the audio from a large portion of the show but was unable to fix the issues as each track contains popping throughout. We’ve condensed the incredible live performance down to just a small portion of the show. We apologize to Glenn and our audience for the issues as his performance was as dynamic as we’ve seen on our stage. Another reason to never miss a live show!

Thank you Glenn Waco, Rasheed Jamal, Samarei, and the countless incredible artists and friends in the building for the live show.

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