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Ep. 32 – Mic Capes

I learned what a booty could do

09 Feb Ep. 32 – Mic Capes

Welcome to episode 32 of Crate Diggers!
Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Crate Diggers is hosted by Portland DJ, Verbz and is engineered by his brother, veteran producer Steez.

Episode 32 of Crate Diggers features an elite Portland MC representing the St. John’s neighborhood, home of many passionate emcees over the years. Our guest for episode 32 is one of Willamette Week‘s best new artists, Mic Capes. His recent release Concrete Dreams was at the top of all of Portland’s best albums lists for 2016. Mic Capes chose a selection of classic songs plus some modern story-tellers with music by Nas, Geto Boys, Kendrick Lamar, and DMX. We talk musical influences, the importance of a great video, and authenticity.

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