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Ep. 30 – The Worst Idea of All Time

You Absolute Piece Of Shit

14 Nov Ep. 30 – The Worst Idea of All Time

Hello and welcome to Crate Diggers, a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Crate Diggers is a Space Gods production, hosted and produced by brothers, Verbz and Steez. Verbz is a well-known Portland hip-hop DJ and graphic artist and Steez, a respected hip-hop producer.

Episode 30 of Crate Diggers features two truly world-class guests. Impressively credentialed comedians, TV personalities, and podcast hosts, New Zealand’s Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery of The Worst Idea of All Time visited Portland for the first time in October 2016 and graciously sat down with Verbz to talk music, comedy, and terrible movies. They put together a very cool list music from modern and classic hip-hop, to jazz, New Wave and more. Huge thank you to Tim and Guy for their time and support.

Special thank you to FORTUNE and Green Luck Media Group for their unofficial sponsorship of this episode.

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