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Ep. 28 – Crate Diggers Live 2: Second Blood pt. 1

featuring Verbz & Steez

04 Oct Ep. 28 – Crate Diggers Live 2: Second Blood pt. 1

Hello and welcome another episode of Crate Diggers!

Episode 28 is part 1 of our live episode that took place in August of 2016 at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon. Ep. 28 features DJ sets by Crate Diggers creators Verbz and Steez, collectively known as the Space Gods. Unlike typical episodes of Crate Diggers, Crate Diggers live features almost entirely music. Set one features a DJ set by Crate Diggers host, Verbz that is heavy on the dancehall and pop rap, as well as Portland hip hop. The set took place early in the evening as the crowd trickled in. Set two features Crate Diggers’ in-house producer and engineer, Steez. Steez plays a few current songs as well as his own production and remixes, several of which are unreleased.

Part 2 of Crate Diggers Live 2: Second Blood will feature a beat battle between some of Portland’s hottest production talent as well as a live performance by the Rose City’s hottest MC, Mic Capes. Look for that coming VERY soon.

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