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Ep. 27 – Ton Jungir x Bryce Lang

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24 Aug Ep. 27 – Ton Jungir x Bryce Lang

Hello and welcome back to Crate Diggers!

We’ve been on a hiatus for a while, as our host Verbz went on tour, along with a heap of other roadblocks and successes in the past few months. We’re extremely happy to be back with a long awaited, nearly lost episode, of Crate Diggers. Our guests for episode 27 are Renaissance Coalition producers, Bryce Lang and Ton Jungir. Also, please go check out Ton’s latest project, Formula.

The first recording session took place way back in late March of 2016. After an excellent recording, we found we had lost the last 20 minutes of our vocal tracks with Ton and Bryce, including a favorite segment of ours, life lessons. Fast forward a few months, we are gearing up for our second live podcast and beat battle, we finally get to reconnect with Ton and Bryce to rerecord our ending. We had so much great material we could put out an entire outtakes episode. There is a massive time jump in recording after our very dated tribute to Phife of A Tribe Called Quest. Thank you to Ton and Bryce and our listeners for your patience.

We have a flood of new podcasts coming soon including our second ever live show we jokingly called Crate Diggers Live 2: Second Blood. Also, check out episode 20 of Crate Diggers for our interview with Maze Koroma, also of the Renaissance Coalition, to further connect to the entire squad.

Our featured producers for episode 27 our guest, Bryce Lang and Ton Jungir’s brother, M.Y.BE4TZ. A true family affair here. Thank you both for providing a dope soundtrack for this episode.


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