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Ep. 26 – Crate Diggers Live pt. 2

featuring Verbz · Steez · Sir Chamberlain · Rey Holliday · Nakyooes · Trox

30 Apr Ep. 26 – Crate Diggers Live pt. 2

Welcome to episode 26 of Crate Diggers!

Crate Diggers is an audio podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists, created by the Space Gods, Crate Diggers host Verbz and his brother, Crate Diggers producer, Steez.

Episode 26 is part 2 of Crate Diggers Live! an event that took place on March 24th, 2016 at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon. Part 1 featured a DJ set by Verbz as well as beat sets by past guest Samarei and Crate Diggers producer Steez. Part 2 is the second half of the event including our beat battle and a beat set by another past guest, Trox. Crate Diggers Live! set out to give a space to one of the more overlooked but important pieces to hip hop, the producer. Northwest beatsmiths: Rey Holliday, whose past work includes collaborations artists like HANiF and Jon Belz, Sir Chamberlain, producer of several of Northwest stalwart Tre Redeau‘s latest songs, and Nakyooes, formerly known as Deuxpamine, who recently produced much of Orwell Prophet for Austin Lawrence went 5 rounds beat for beat. The battle was judged by fellow producers and performers Trox, Steez, and Samarei. Before the winner is announced, you’ll hear a beat set by Portland’s best producer Trox. His work with Portland artists is outstanding and he’s crafted some of 50 Cent’s best songs since Get Rich or Die Trying. Check out his latest project with Rentals with rapper C+.

Help support Crate Diggers by subscribing on iTunes and leaving a review and donating on! Look for more Crate Diggers soon. Special thank you to Bryan from Kelly’s Olympian for his work recording the live sound.


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