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Ep. 25 – Crate Diggers Live pt. 1

featuring Verbz · Steez · Samarei

18 Apr Ep. 25 – Crate Diggers Live pt. 1

Episode 25 of Crate Diggers is here!

On a very special Crate Diggers…we went live for the first time! Episode 25 was recorded live on March 24th, 2016 at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon. Instead focusing on an interview with an artist, Crate Diggers Live! brought a few different elements together. Episode 25 includes an all vinyl, sample focused, DJ set by Crate Diggers host Verbz, a short DJ set by Crate Diggers producer Steez as well as a beat set including his own production and remixes, and a unique beat set incorporating a guitar as well as playing out beats on a Maschine by past Crate Diggers guest Samarei. Part 2 will include a beat battle between up-n-coming producers Nakyooes, Sir Chamberlain, and Rey Holliday as well as a monster beat set by Crate Diggers second ever guest, Trox. Look for Crate Diggers Live part 2 coming soon! Special thank you to Bryan from Kelly’s Olympian for the excellent work recording the live show.

Recently, Crate Diggers host, Verbz has had the pleasure of DJ’ing on shows with some legendary artists including Jay Electronica, BJ The Chicago Kid, Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, and Slum Village. As our live episode didn’t have our usual segment Life Lessons, we got a short but hysterical life lesson from none other than T3 of Slum Village. Thank you to T3 and raise it up for Dilla!

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