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Ep. 24 – Haute Garbage

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24 Feb Ep. 24 – Haute Garbage

Welcome to episode 24 of Crate Diggers!

Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off place for conversations between artists and other cool people. The cool people on episode 24 are the boys of the Haute Garbage Podcast. Last year, Andy of Haute Garbage reached out to us after finding Crate Diggers. I’ve been a guest twice on their show and always had a blast. We decided it was time to do a crossover episode. Andy, Drew, and their producer Nate all provided vinyl from their own collections for this episode and brought some of my favorite music to date with everyone bringing their own style to the table. Subscribe to Haute Garbage on iTunes and check out our favorite Portland podcast.

Our featured producer for episode 24 is Rhode Island beat monster Tecknowledgy. The 4 time iStandard winner has worked with artists like Mac Miller, Rapsody, Chevy Woods and many more well known artists. Thank you to Tecknowledgy for submitting beats for the show. Check out his music on YungCloud and follow him on Twitter and Instagram both as @TecknowledgyRI. If you’d like to be our featured producer, email samples of your beats, links to your music and social media, and a short bio to

March 24th, Crate Diggers will be hosting our very first live episode at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon. Crate Diggers Live! will feature beat sets by past Crate Diggers guests and Portland’s top producers Trox and Samarei as well as Crate Diggers co-creator and producer Steez. Along with the beat sets, we are having our first beat battle featuring more of Portland’s top talent including Rey Holliday, Sir Chamberlain, and Näkyo͞oəs. The whole night will be hosted and DJ’d by me (I’m Verbz) and will be released later as an episode of Crate Diggers. Check out our event page for more info!



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