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Ep. 22 – Brookfield Duece

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07 Dec Ep. 22 – Brookfield Duece

Welcome to episode 22 of Crate Diggers!
Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Crate Diggers is hosted by long time DJ and record collector, Verbz and is engineered by his brother, veteran hip hop producer Steez. Our guest for episode 22 of Crate Diggers is Oakland rapper Brookfield Duece. After well publicized shows in Portland with Glenn Waco, Verbz and Brookfield connected for a show in San Francisco during his recent tour with Portland born, Cali living MC / producer Tope. Brookfield is a talented MC rapping over a variety of beats offering differing approaches to rapping, from catchy to thoughtful story songs. Check out his latest projects, September and Hoop Dreams, both released in 2015. This episode features vinyl from Verbz’s personal stash as requested by Brookfield Duece, including music by Notorious B.I.G., former NBA baller JR Rider, Cameo, and more. The music is Bay Area-centric, as it should be. We talk Bay area traditions, growing up in East Oakland, influential music, and talk a little about Brookfield Duece’s cousin, NBA All-Star and Rookie of The Year, Trail Blazer, Damian Lillard.

Each episode of Crate Diggers includes beats produced by producers from around the globe. Episode 22’s featured producer is Jahosh, a former guest producer on Crate Diggers and collaborative partner of our guest Brookfield Duece as well as Portland artists Jon Belz and Amine. Jahosh first started recording and producing out of his dorm at the University of Oregon in Eugene and after a short stent in Portland, Jahosh now resides in LA working at EngineEar Studios with TDE’s Derek “MixedByAli” Ali. Check out Jahosh on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter.

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