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Ep. 17 – Theory Hazit

Nobody can be you

24 Jul Ep. 17 – Theory Hazit

Welcome to episode 17 of Crate Diggers!

Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations with artists and other cool people. Crate Diggers is hosted by Verbz, a DJ and artist from Portland and is engineered by his brother, in-house producer Steez. Episode 17 features Theory Hazit, MC / Producer representing Portland as well as Ohio and Kentucky. Theory is a long time friend of the Space Gods and is a prolific artist with many critically praised albums including the recently released The Fall Of The Light Bearer and several very creative music videos. As a producer, Theory has worked with artists like Redman and is well respected in the hip hop production scene. Theory is also a student of film and has a strong Christian belief that has guided him musically throughout his career. Theory Hazit is also our featured producer for this episode. Several of his beats provide the back drop for episode 17. Check out more of his music at

Each episode of Crate Diggers features a soundtrack provided by producers from around the globe. Episode 17 includes Oregon producer E-Ty (Soundcloud), Vermont producer svpply (Soundcloud), Wayne Valentine representing Kansas (Soundcloud), Detroit producer Foul Mouth (Bandcamp), and Georgia producer/MC KYNG RICH (Soundcloud). Thank you all for the music. If you’d like to hear your beats on the podcast, email us tagless MP3s of YOUR beats to verbz(at)!

Follow Crate Diggers on Twitter and Instagram – @Crate_Diggers. You can listen to Crate Diggers on Mixcloud, Stitcher, Audiomack, and of course iTunes. Please subscribe to our show and leave us a rating on iTunes. We’ll shout you out next podcast!



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