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Ep. 16 – 2Reps

I won't ever smoke with Uncle Snoop again

01 Jul Ep. 16 – 2Reps

Welcome to episode 16 of Crate Diggers, a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people!

Episode 16 features up and coming Portland rappers, 2Reps. Ace and Freddy of 2Reps have quietly been making moves in Portland while working on a larger scale with comedian and actor, Mike Epps as well as connecting with Snoop Dogg on their video “I Just Wanna Smoke“. Thank you to StarChile for connecting us with Ace & Freddy. 2Reps gave us a list of songs they’d like for their episode and I gathered some of my personal vinyl to cover their tastes and inspirations. This episode, like most before it, is strictly vinyl. 2Reps were great guests and brought a classic hip hop feel to their episode. Check out their music and videos at and follow them on Twitter @2Reps.

Each episode of Crate Diggers features beats submitted by producers from around the globe and episode 16 is no exception. LA producer Ace Ha (Soundcloud) shared some of his beats with us to help provide the soundtrack to episode 16. Also submitting beats for this episode was UK producer Talos (Soundcloud). Really fresh stuff from both you guys, thank you. If you’d like to hear your beats on our podcast, email us tagless MP3s along with your contact info at verbz(at) Our featured producer for episode 16 is Lawz Spoken, former Crate Diggers guest and long time friend of the show. Lawz is currently selling some of his beat stockpile, go check out his beats at Contact him on Twitter (@LawzSpoken) for more details.

Follow Crate Diggers on Twitter and Instagram – @Crate_Diggers. You can listen to Crate Diggers on Mixcloud, Stitcher, Audiomack, and of course iTunes. Please subscribe to our show and leave us a rating on iTunes. The next rating I see from a fellow Crate Digger, we will shout out on the intro. Look out for upcoming episodes with incredibly talented producer / MC, Theory Hazit and R&B soulstress, Blossom.



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