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Ep. 15 – Wes Guy

Play Your Woman Some Sade

18 Jun Ep. 15 – Wes Guy

Welcome to episode 15 of Crate Diggers!

Back once again with one of Portland’s finest, the guest for episode 15 is Wes Guy.  An up and coming rapper with a giant heart and a lot of promise, Wes Guy released Perfectly, Imperfect in January of ’15. It’s smooth balanced record focused on communicating the different sides of humanity both gritty and glamorous. In the past few years, Wes began collecting vinyl based on his influences as an artist. For this episode, Wes provided a soulful soundtrack while his producer and friend Odis Rockwell threw in some modern hip hop. If you’re a fan of Sade, this episode is for you.

Episode 15 features beats submitted by producers from around the globe. Producers featured on this episode include Assassin MC (Website), Druid (Soundcloud) out of the UK, and Nar On The Track. We recently lost a bunch of emails and have not been able to find all of the contact info for these artists. This will be updated once we connect with those artists. The featured producer for this episode though is Odis Rockwell (Soundcloud). Odis was good enough to let us use his studio to record the episode and helped create Wes Guy’s album Perfectly, Imperfect. He’s also featured occasionally during this episode as well. Huge shout out to Odis for the music and the hospitality.

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