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Ep. 11 – Samarei

Ya busted!

17 Mar Ep. 11 – Samarei

Thank you for checking out episode 11 of Crate Diggers!

Episode 11 of Crate Diggers features Portland producer & DJ, Samarei. The winner of the 2014 iStandard Producer Showcase Portland Edition, Samarei recently released an excellent album called Best In Class featuring artists like Open Mike Eagle, J. Pinder, MC Lars, XP, illmaculate, HANiF, and former Crate Diggers guests Epp and Tope. We sat down in Green Luck Media‘s studio and talked about everything from nerd rap to the Jail Blazers and played music by Notorious B.I.G. to Brother Ali to Stravinsky.

The interview portions of this episode features beats from Samarei’s Best In Class project as well as submitted beats by producers Jordi Fordi and Jahosh, as well as beats by Crate Diggers very own in house producer Steez.  Last but certainly not least, this episode also features beats by HOT16. You can see HOT16 with Verbz & Tope, Myke Bogan, and Blossom on April 3rd 2015 for KPSU’s Fly By Night: A Boat Party on The Sternwheeler. Please check out the music by the artists featured on our show and a special thank you to the producers that help make our podcast unique.

You can submit beats to us at Please include your contact info and preferred name and preferred music page. Subscribe to us on iTunes or the Podcasts app on your iPhone. We would love a review of the show. Your ratings help get us to a larger audience, so we would really appreciate the support. You can also listen to us on Stitcher as well as Mixcloud and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Crate_Diggers. Phew!

– Verbz


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