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Ep. 33 – Crate Diggers Live: Fountaine

Modern Day Piccolo

13 Mar Ep. 33 – Crate Diggers Live: Fountaine

Welcome to episode 33 of Crate Diggers!

Crate Diggers is a music / interview podcast using vinyl records as a jumping off point for conversations between artists and other cool people. Hosted by Portland DJ, Verbz and engineered by his brother, hip-hop producer, Steez.

Episode 33 is our live show from Feb. 20th 2017 at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon. Our guest was rapper / producer, Fountaine. Fountaine shares some records from his personal collection, talks about the underlying metaphor behind Dragonball Z, and gives a one of a kind performance with rhymes and a beat machine. Check out Fountaine’s music on Bandcamp.

Special thanks to Brian of Kelly’s Olympian for recording the episode and Dylan Girard for the intro instrumental. Also, thank you to Alexander Wright a.k.a. CassoDinero for his incredible artwork!

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